Invitae (Genetic Testing)

Why do genetic testing? 
Your DNA may help answer your health questions.  Genetic testing is a powerful tool assigning a medical diagnosis for unexplained symptoms, confirm a suspected disease, discover new and better treatments that are more specific to your diagnosis, and identify family members who may be at risk. 

How does it work?
Your provider will order the test.  A kit will be mailed to you.  You provide a saliva sample and mail it back.  During your follow-up visit, your provider will review the results, and together you will determine the next best treatment opinions. 

How much does it cost, and does insurance pay? 
Genetic Testing kits cost between $250 – $450. Insurance coverage will vary. Out of Pocket cost for a patient with In-Network coverage is less than $100. Those who are Out-Of-Network have an Out of Pocket of $100. 

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